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Angkut+ Museum, Another Interesting Place in Batu, Malang

A week ago, me, Rani, Wiwis, Adel, and Maya went to Angkut+ Museum (Museum of Transportation) in Batu, Malang. It didn't mean that we're not busy, we're actually have a lot of things to do. But I think, if we didn't take our time like this, we won't have time until whenever. In short, at Thursday night, the four of us headed to Bungurasih Terminal due to run a train ticket. We had felt confused because it's not usual for us to riding bus escpecially at night. But once we were on the bus, we were pleased with the quality of our bus. I do not know what happened between me and the bus, but I always very happy to get on the bus at night. Arrived at Wiwis's home in Mojokerto, we immediately fell asleep. While Maya was still in Surabaya and she will follow us the next day with Armand.

The next morning, we prepared to go to Batu, Malang. Previously we bought train tickets to return to Surabaya. BTW, Reno, Wiwis's boyfriend also participate with us. At 09.30 we set off.
We arrived at the Angkut+ Museum at 13.00. The place is already crowded and we barely got parked. We met Maya and Armand at the ticket counter, and our exciting journey begins here.

Angkut+ Museum is a new tourism place built by Jatim Park Group and recently opened a few months ago. So, they still do repairs and improvements in various aspects. We have to pay 75.000 for the weekend and the holiday season, and 50.000 for Monday-Thursday. If you bring a pocket camera or an SLR, you have to pay an additional fee of 30.000.
Before the ticket counter, there are many people selling traditional food and souvenirs from Malang in floating market. You can also take a boat by pay 10.000.
Above the floating market
Okay , it's time to enjoy the museum...
First of all, we will be brought to the public zone that displays old vehicles in Indonesia or the world famous brand products. 
Inside the museum
Next, we entered the education zone. Here, we can see and interract with vehicles and machines used ​​in Indonesia. Plane will be there too soon! We can also see the miniature of rocket and there are stairs that would take us rise up 260dpl. Further, we go through outdoor zone which displays ancient city of Jakarta. Then we entered the indoor again and this time, we are treated to a military and antique cars in various sizes. One of my favorite zones!
Yeah, we're in 260dpl!

And, we arrived at the International zone. Here, the decoration is made like in Broadway, Paris, London, Berlin, and Rome completed with the famous icons of each city. Unfortunately 221B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes' house is not able in the zone of the City of London. HUH!

Act like The Beatles in Abbey Road hihihi
I'm the boss!
Riding Vespa on Rome's roads
An evening in Paris's streets
Wilkommen in Berlin!
Bloody hell London :)))
Keep calm and we're in London!
With royal guard of Buckingham Palace
Say cheeseeeee!
In front of Buckingham Palace *looking for Prince Harry*
Too cute, My queen XD
Our next zone is the movie stars. Here, you can see the icons and statues of famous artists such as Mr. Bean, Brad Pitt and Jolie, Elvis, Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Batman!

Huge Hulk
We finished touring the museum at 16.30. We ate there and headed to home. Previously we took time for a boat ride. And this is the most exciting part of our trip. One small boat boarded by Reno, me, Rani, Wiwis, Adel, and the rider. Highly adrenaline!
We arrived at Wiwis's home at 20.30 and then watching Indonesian Idol. Reno back to Surabaya that night while the four of us will back on Saturday morning.

Angkut+ Museum is the right place for you who want to spend your time in local tourism with international quality. It is the right place for you who interrested with transportations from around the world. You can go with your friends or your family. Just make sure that you have a lot of energies to explore this place hihi.

Thank you Wiwis and families who are welcoming us very very very well. Thank you also for Mr. Sadi who drove and accompanied us to Malang.

So, where we're going next?

But first, let's get back to our real lives and complete our assignments. Excelsior! 

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Kece bingiiittss.. (akunya) wkwk

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